Product Name : Elastomer
Product Description

  • * Outstanding performance in rebound and tensile
  • * Resistant to mechanical stress and chemicals
  • * Elasticity after continouse strength

PU system - Elastomer  series
Color OEM Color Multi-color Plain w.o base Base  Cell type
Black MOQ1000PCS Not available proimages/yes(72dpi).jpg Wood/Plastic/PU/ Metal (SS,AL) Elastomer
Foam type Density 2nd Process Texture Hardness OEM Tooling
proimages/no(72dpi).jpg High proimages/no(72dpi).jpg proimages/no(72dpi).jpg Shore A60~A90 proimages/yes(72dpi).jpg

Manufacturing   Process- Elastomer series
A.lnjection Foam B. Cut&Sew C. Vacuum D.Spray Foam
proimages/yes(72dpi).jpg proimages/no(72dpi).jpg proimages/yes(72dpi).jpg proimages/no(72dpi).jpg