Product Name : W263 10 Inch FR/RR Wheel, Industrial handtruck uses, low-profile design - Deep Thread (260x85)
Product Description

Product Name

10"  PU Solid Tire


QTY: 9

N.W. : 18

G.W. : 20

CUFT : 2


QTY: 9

N.W : 18

G.W.: 19

CUFT : 2


Light weight and strong micro-cellular Polyurethane solid tire, state of art PU foaming technology with advanced PU systems. Our tires are designed for low-speed performance vehicle, uniformly distributed bubble-free tire structure attaining a smooth vehicle ride, longer life of tires, outstanding wear resistance. 

Driver can spell the difference with positive driving experience of our balanced tires. 
Self-cleaning effect PU tire sticks less soil than rubber, easy to clean and maintain does not contaminate in-door carpet and floor. Solid tire structure requires no air filling and will not puncture, no more flats, maintenance free. Best solution to Green environment

* Mobility Front wheel, light, smooth, Safe, easy running
* Assorted keyway sizes available to fit customer mechanical Rear wheel design
* 50kgs per loading capacity, complied Medical ISO7176-8 regulation
* Loading capacity of industrial usage upon specification
* Flat free, Air free, long durability
* PU color: Black or Grey available
* Elegant Silver Rim w. Black Tire. Hardrock option of Black Rim w. Grey Tire.

* Industrial application on handtruck wheel. Wide rim size PP+30%GF, Heavy duty, with intensive PU tire.  


Item NO. LS-W263 Line Chart
Specification. 260×85 proimages/image001.jpg
Diameter(D). Φ257
Tire Section Width(W). W:83
Rim ModelABC

★ RR

LS-W260-RR01 φ17.0×6.0×38.8   38.8
LS-W260-RR02 Φ20.0×5.0×58.0   58.0
LS-W260-RR03 Φ19.0×4.8×44.5   44.5
LS-W260-RR04 φ17.0×6.0×35.0   35.0
LS-W260-RR05 φ19.1×4.8×44.5   44.5
LS-W260-RR06 φ17.0×6.0×32.1   32.1
LS-W260-RR07 φ19.0×4.8×50.0   50.0
LS-W260-RR08 φ19.05×4.75×50.9   50.9
LS-W260-RR09 φ19.0×5.0×38.0   38.0
LS-W260-FR01 6202z   50.8
LS-W260-FR02 6202z   58.0
LS-W260-FR03 6202z   46.0
LS-W260-FR04 6202z   34.2
LS-W260-FR05 6003z   30.8
LS-W260-FR06 6202z   30.0
LS-W260-FR07 6003z   50.0
LS-W260-FR08 6003z   50.8